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Special services for healthcare

To care for the special needs of health care professionals such as physicians, dentists and chemists, we have established a self-contained competence centre which is managed by our tax consultant Mrs Doreen Mesch. Apart from the usual tax consulting services the competence centre offers the following activities:

  • Liquidity analysis / calculation of tax reserves
  • Extensive support with the establishment of a practice
  • Consultation on the choice of the legal form
  • Consultation on the inclusion or exclusion of partners in a professional association
  • Calculation of hourly cost rates
  • Consultation on tax optimization
  • Internal and external practice comparisons

We can answer questions often raised by health care professionals like

How much money do I earn or how much money will be left to make a living?

What has happened to the profit that is shown in the computation of the taxable profit?

How much will I earn if I only treat half the number of patients or work shorter hours?

Is my provision for old age sufficient? Can I retire before I turn 65?

How much does one hour of treatment cost me?

because of our expertise in the field so that they are understandable also for non-experts and assist you in the optimization of all issues in connection with the above questions doing without complicated and non-understandable systems and cost-intensive analyses that in the end have no special benefits for you.

Our aim: competent & comprehensible